Ways To Hang Your Hammock

If you happen to have two sturdy trees in your garden with the right distance in between to hang a garden hammock then all you need do is tie a strong rope around one of the tree trunks and attach the rope to the loop end of the hammock. Then repeat at the other end. Obviously, if your trees are a little too far apart then you can just use a longer piece of rope to attach your hammock to the tree.

Of course if you don’t have a garden with well positioned trees then you can buy sturdy wooden posts and sink them into the ground using concrete. You can also do this by using one post and one tree. Further detailed instructions for using posts can be found in the leaflet that comes with each hammock.

Hanging your cotton hammock inside is also possible and for this you will need to get special hooks and bolts either online or from a good DIY shop. You can also buy hammock kits containing the rope and hooks necessary. Alternatively there are many different hammock stands available now made from wood or metal, it’s really up to you and your living space.

When you first use the hammock stretch it as tightly as possible between the two hanging points.

Care of Your Hammock

Ideally your hammock wants to stay dry but if it does get wet then just make sure you dry it out completely and also, for storing over the winter (if it has been used outside), make sure it is completely dry beforehand.