Care Instructions

Washing your Alpaca Wool Products:

We recommend using mild or baby shampoo to wash you Alpaca wool items (no need to use highly fragranced ones, the cheap stuff is just fine).

1. Fill a clean washing-up bowl with cold water and mix in a squirt of the shampoo - swish your garment very gently in the soapy water.

2. Let the garment sit in the soapy water for two or three minutes then rinse gently with cold water. Try to handle the item as little as possible as rough handling can cause felting.

3. Gently squeeze just enough water out so you don't soak the floor when taking the garment out of the bowl. Lay it out on a towel and GENTLY roll up in the towel to soak up the excess water.

4. Transfer to a dry towel and leave to air dry.


Caring for your Tumi Panama Hat:

1. Do not pinch the front of the crown (at it's narrowest point) tightly when taking it off or putting it on. 

2. Your hat can be cleaned easily with a clean damp cloth.

3. If you need to reshape your hat, you can (carefully!) use a bit of steam to soften the fibres before gently shaping it and leaving it to dry naturally. Alternatively, you can lightly dampen the area you want to shape and then heat it with a hairdryer – the principle is the same – it needs a hot and moist environment to soften the fibres.

4. To flatten the brim you can press it lightly with a warm iron (place a clean tea towel between the hat and iron).

5. Do not store your hat rolled - ideally it should be kept rolled for no more than 72 hours at a time. To keep your hat looking as good as possible, roll it as little and as loosely as you can.

6. Panama hats don't like getting wet. If yours does get wet leave it on a flat surface to dry naturally. You can shape it into its original form once it's completely dry.