The Panama Hat


Genuine folding Panama hats are also known as "jipijapa" and in fact come from Cuenca in Ecuador.

The Panama hat got its name during the building of the Panama canal at the beginning of the last century, when hat merchants from Colombia and Ecuador sold their hats to passing trade. The hats are hand woven from the narrow fibres of the Iraca palm and then steamed and moulded to shape.

 Tumia Panama Hat Range

Tumia Fedora Panama Hat
The quintessential, iconic Panama hat. It is our most popular shape and suits most men and women; a timeless shape and an enduring style statement.
Available in Classic or Natural colours.
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Tumia Fino Fedora Panama Hat
The superior weave of the Tumia Fino Fedora Panama hat gives increased flexibility, making it perfect for regular travellers and the ideal gift.
Available in Classic or Natural colours.
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Tumia Dumont Panama Hat
Also known as the Gambler or the Planter, The Tumia Dumont Panama Hat is a top choice for those looking for something a little different with a vintage feel.
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Tumia Folder Panama Hat
Also known as the Colonial, Optimo or Natural; the Tumia Folder Panama hat is designed to roll; it is the most popular and practical shape for regular travellers.
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Choosing Your Size

We want you to enjoy your hat for years to come. To ensure this, we suggest the following:

  • The measurement of the hat is based on the circumference of your head hence 55cm is the smallest and 62cm the largest. You can measure your head by using a flexible measuring tape or piece of string.
  • If your head measurement is in between sizes you should choose the larger size, because it is possible to make a hat smaller, but not bigger.
  • You can make your panama hat smaller by removing the hat band. Where the band is joined together, move the piece covering the join and take in the hat band by sewing it, making it tighter. Cover the join again and replace the hat band.

Please Note: These hats are not mass produced. Each one is individually and uniquely hand crafted. Slight variations are therefore to be expected.

Sizes range from 55cm to 62cm. These correspond to British hat sizes as follows:-

British Hat Sizes Our Sizes
6 3/4 55
6 7/8 56
7 57
7 1/8 58
7 1/4 59
7 3/8 60
7 1/2 61
7 5/8 62

Caring For Your Panama Hat

We want you to enjoy your hat for years to come. To ensure this, we suggest the following:

  • Avoid pinching or crushing the delicate natural fibre. Treat the hat as if it were cloth.
  • When folding, carefully flatten the hat along the ridge over the crown and roll slowly and loosely.(see photos)
  • Do not leave your hat permanently rolled or boxed. This method of storage is for travel only.
  • Your hat may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth & may be reshaped Folding Your panama hat using steam from a boiling kettle.
  • As a rule, Panama hats don't like to get wet. If yours does get wet, please leave it flat and let it dry on its own. When totally dry, you can shape it into its original form.