Incense burner boxed set

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Copal is the resin from the trees of the Bursera genus which are considered sacred by the Maya Indians of Guatemala and Mexico. It has been burned since pre-Hispanic times, used as an offering to the gods. The ancient Maya believed they could see ancestors as well as gods in the abundant smoke produced. In the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, copal was offered to the four directions and was considered an offering worthy of attention from the gods. Today it continues to be used as an offering in small household shrines as well as the steps of many churches. Modern studies have found that copal has properties that positively influence the immune response of the human body.

This boxed set contains a ceramic brazier or burner, a bag of copal incense and a bag of charcoal discs.  Full instructions are also included.  Makes a great gift.